Jose is a Logo and print designer with +5 years of experience helping business creating a brand identity that least forever with tradition and simplicity, taking the company's product/services to the next level. How everything started?. He started to use the design software Adobe Photoshop with eight years old, later in school he learned about Adobe Illustrator and how graphic design is an essential aspect in a company, and while working on marketing agencies, he acquires skill about promoting and representing brands.
The very first thing working on a project is to explore, is always good to know better a company and its clients, also the service or product they provide. After exploring ideas I start drawing ( not making the entire design on a paper) otherwise is creating a study of position and space of what is better for the project. Last but not least, after having information and a concept the next step is to take it to the computer make a combination of colors, font and scale after it the work is ready.
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